01 July 2013

A Little Craft with Some Sparkle

I have probably never shared this with you, my lovely readers, but I am a pretty crafty human being. Well, at least I like to pretend I am ;). I like to try new things, and I've gone from sewing to paper crafts, to taking apart electronics, to making jewelry bits, to making nail polish, to messing with html coding and Photoshop, to playing with clay, to working with wood, and there's probably a whole lot more that I've messed around with than I can remember. I just like to use my hands, and even if that means chipped and broken nails, so be it.

Today, I wanted to share with you some jewelry bits that I've made with my very own two little hands, because this is partially a beauty and fashion blog, and jewelry fits nicely in those areas. These pieces are made with Swarovski Crystals and Swarovski Pearls, because I think they are so pretty and easy to work with.

Purple Swarovski Crystal Wrap Bracelet

This first piece is one of my favorite pieces to make, and if I could, I'd have one in every color. It's so easy to wear, and stackable, so I'd be showing off some major arm candy - arm candy rainbow!

Black Swarovski Crystal Light Cluster Bracelet

I have made SO many of these cluster bracelets for other people. This is the Light version. I think they're just so pretty, girly, and sparkly, especially when the sunlight hits.

Teal Swarovski Crystal Cluster Bracelet

This is the regular cluster bracelet, and as you can see, it has more crystals and pearls than the Light version. I love throwing these on with a casual outfit to add a little extra oomph, and they work so lovely with a nice dress as well.

Blue Swarovski Crystal Cluster Bracelet with Heart Lock Charm

This piece in particular is the one I wore to my wedding. We had a white, blue and silver theme, and this bracelet was perfect. You can see that it's been loved, and it will forever be cherished.

What do you think of my jewelry pieces? Would you ever wear any of them? What do you like to do for fun?

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