22 June 2013

Mascara Wars: They're Real vs. One by One

I. Love. Mascara. As a self-proclaimed mascara junkie, I admit that I like to hoard mascara like they're going extinct, and whenever I see a new one, I feel like I have to try it. I don't buy them all, of course, because, well, that would mean that I'm rolling in the dough, which I am not. However, I do have more than any normal consumer would need, and that is why I am into beauty blogging, ha!

Onto the Mascara Wars! I'm starting this series in which I am putting mascaras against each other on a quest to find the best. Of course, we all want different things from our mascaras, and I will tell you what I expect my mascaras to do.

1. Hold a freakin' curl. 
2. Stay on my lashes and not end up on my cheeks or anywhere else. 
3. Do what the bottle claims it's supposed to do. 

That's not too much to ask for, is it? I do have long but fine, stick straight lashes that grow downward, and that's the Asian in me. I always have to use a lash curler, and for this job, I entrust my Shu Uemura lash curler to curl - not crimp - my lashes. Most mascaras tend to be too heavy and end up straightening my hard work, and it just makes me look like a mess. I don't like it. 

The first contenders for this battle are: Benefit They're Real Mascara at US$23.00 vs. Maybelline OnebyOne Volum'Express in Blackest Black, the waterproof formula at US$7.99

So many have raved about They're Real, but Maybelline also has some hidden gems. Who will win? Let's find out!

The contenders!
Benefit They're Real and Maybelline OnebyOne Volum'Express W/P

The wands are out!

Just a little close up for your viewing pleasure ;).

May the application commence!
Me and my plain, bare eyelashes.

Oooh, look what Shu Uemura can do!

Can you tell I'm wearing mascara on one eye? With one coat, the left eye (right side) is more defined with a darkened lash line.

Now, the second contender is in the show! With one coat, the right eye (left side) is darkened, but you can see that the curl is gooone. Not really holding up there, are we...hmm. Tsk, tsk.

So what's the verdict? Which one do you think did a better job at giving me the results I wanted - no needed. Drum roll, please!!!

If you were able to guess that the mascara that was able to both define, lengthen, AND hold the dang curl in my lashes was Maybelline OnebyOne Volum'Express, then congratulations! You're right!

Clearly, some people prefer the look that They're Real has to offer, but for myself, I like a really good curl in my lashes, and They're Real just couldn't give me that. 
The differences in the formula are also something to talk about. They're Real is thicker and more wet, while OnebyOne is more dry, and the brush doesn't pick up too much (as you can see in the 3rd photo above, the blue wand is showing through in some areas. 
They both last all day, but OnebyOne is much lighter and feel just like my real lashes, only better. 

Overall, I prefer OnebyOne over They're Real, because to me, it's just a winner. It's cheap too!

Stay tuned for the next "episode"!

Have you tried either of these mascaras? Which one's your favorite? 

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