13 June 2013

Essie Resort Collection Minis

If you couldn't tell from my most recent haul video, I'm currently addicted to nail polishes. Uh.Oh. I just can't help myself for some reason - well, it's probably from seeing all the beautiful swatches on all the blogs I read. Haha.

Today, I have for you the Essie Resort Collection Minis. These are the cutest little things! I love minis, because I have never finished a bottle of nail polish in my life. I'd also hate for them to go to waste when they go bad, even though I'm not really sure of the shelf life of nail polishes. I guess it depends. Anyway, I picked up this cube a few weeks ago at my local discount store for US$18.00. It's almost impossible to find retailers that sell Essie here so when I see some, I immediately want to buy them.

Shades from L-R: Come Here, First Timer, In the Cab-ana, Under Where?

There are 4 mini bottles of polish in the cube, and the shades included are:
Come Here - a bright coral red
First Timer - a bright minty green
In the Cab-ana - a bright turquoise blue
Under Where? - a blue toned lilac

The formulation is typical Essie formulation for me - streaky and gloopy or thin and runny. I guess it just depends on the batch. Seche Vite fixes all, however, and I am quite satisfied with the finish.

I couldn't decide which color to use first... so I used them all! Haha!

Have you tried these polishes? Do you have any from the Resort collection?

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