06 April 2015


I HAVE STRETCH MARKS! And quite a lot, actually, but that's ok. I'm ok. I'm alive, healthy, and I love my life. My stretch marks don't define me. Nothing on my body defines who I am as a person. They represent the challenges I had to endure, and they also show that I'm still alive despite the efforts of labor. I survived!

I don't let my scars affect my confidence or how I love people. Yes, it would be nice to have a nice body. It would also be nice to have a few million dollars in my pocket. Let's get real - I'm happy with what I have, because it means that I was able to birth 2 wonderful children. It also means that my body worked - it didn't kill me, and now I am here. I'm still sarcastic, smart, funny, and I still love helping people.

We all have scars, whether they be on the outside or on the inside, and we shouldn't let them dictate how we live our lives. I sure won't. I am happy with who I am, because I had to fight hard as hell to get to where I am. I won that battle, moving on to the next one and the next. I'm living life. My life.

As spring rolls in, I'm cleaning out my soul, my internal closet. I'm setting it free, and I hope that you can do this with me. We all have stories. What's yours?

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