25 August 2014


Just Breathe. Sometimes, I forget to take a step back and admire the beauty that is in the world. I get so caught up in the stressful, ugly parts of life that I forget about the good things. This past Friday and Saturday, we spent some time with family, which is always stressful. There are people who have great families who are understanding and... nice. My families are... stubborn. The one I was born with and the one I married into. Time with them is limited, but when it happens, we get so stressed out, so we spent Sunday recharging with our kids, and it was really nice. We went downtown to the tourist district, ate lots of great food, and hung out with the sea creatures. If you ever come to Guam, you must check out the Underwater World. It's my favorite thing to do here. Just you and the sharks, rays, turtles, and other beautiful sea creatures. Well, of course, you're separated by this huge chunk of glass, but you know. It's close enough. 

Moral of today's post: Don't forget to breathe. Breathe in the beauty of the life that you have and the company of the ones that you love. We don't really have that much time to live, so make the most of it. Do the things you want to do. Don't just dream. DO. Make it count. Make people smile, and your heart will smile too. 
We had a nice meal of ribs, chicken, and seafood pasta from the Sea Grill.
Can you tell me what kind of shark this is? There were more than 10 of these in the aquarium! I'm sad I didn't get a shot of the turtles and the rays. They are beautiful!
The anemones look like spaghetti!
Live coral and clown fish just hanging out together. 
Spot the octopus!
Mr. Electric Eel is guarding his post.
Beautiful lion fish.
Transparent jellyfish. The staff put some sort of light in the tank that makes them change colors. I'll call them disco jellyfish!
Upside down jellyfish just having a party. 
This guy is my favorite. This tiny little sea horse is the fastest creature ever! He's smaller than my pinky finger (and I have a 10 year old's pinky finger). I always come to this aquarium to look for the sea horses. They're amazing creatures. So tiny, yet so regal and majestic. 

Hope you like the photos! How do you like to unwind from stressful days? I'm thinking a spa day next!

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