07 February 2014


It's been a while since I really blogged, and I thought I should probably explain why I've been MIA.

If you watched my latest video, I talked about how I was waiting for results on my job interview. I probably didn't get it. I got back in touch about a week ago to see if I was still in the running for the position, and I was. Haven't heard from them since, so I probably didn't make the cut. Oh well. That's that.

Also, on Twitter and Instagram I posted about my family moving. We moved to a condo that a friend of mine owns (we wouldn't have been able to secure a place this quick if not for him). We got a good deal and a one year lease, and so far we like it. You might be wondering why we suddenly moved. Well, as some of my close readers know, my mom is a bit of an obstacle, and I overstepped the boundaries. I actually gathered the nerve to tell my mom (through e-mail, cause we don't speak) that she couldn't take my 10 year old son off island without me anymore (she takes him every year). That didn't go very well, and she blew up on me (again, via e-mail) about how I had the nerve to demand such a thing, how I pretty much am now disowned. So we found a place as fast as we could and moved. Sadly, my 10 year old is still living at my parents' house. I'm planning on picking him up tomorrow, but we'll see if my mom lets me.

This has been hanging over my heart for the past two weeks, and I'm trying my best to bounce back, but it isn't easy. Negative blow after blow... I wish I got the job, and I wish it wasn't so hard to get my kid back from my own mother. Sometimes, it's hard to see the positive things, but that's what I'm focusing on. In time, things will get better, and we'll have our peace.

As a result, I really haven't been in the mood to blog. I've just been so down, and I hate to drop this on my readers, and thank you if you made it this far. :) You really are the best bunch. Ever.
Here's to hoping I get back in the game soon! If you pray, please stick a little prayer in for me. If you don't pray, wish me luck ;).

What have you been up to lately? Share with me :)
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