24 October 2013

I'd like you to meet Yuen, the cutie, from The Craziest Paradigm

This month, I was able to host Yuen Lim as my exclusive advertiser. Yuen blogs over at The Craziest Paradigm, and when I first started following her months ago, I fell in love with her blog title. It's definitely something unique and special, just like the girl behind the blog. :)
Rust & Stardust
The Craziest Paradigm can be described as:
A fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog run by a girl that dreams of the world. I like glitter, cupcakes, flowers, books and am a Potterhead! Bits of everything and anything - do stop buy and take a look (:

Yuen's blog posts for October consisted of wish lists to lust after, quirky fashion posts, and so much more. My favorite of her posts this month has to be her OOTD// Avada Kedavra. Yes, Harry Potter fans, you read that right. She names some of her outfit posts after Harry Potter spells! Being an HP fan myself, I really love it!
Photo courtesy of The Craziest Paradigm

If you don't already follow Yuen's blog, I suggest you head on over to see what she's all about and show her some love. I'm sure you'll love her! :)

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